Chico Rescue Mission


We Develop Men that Thrive!

Chico Rescue Mission takes men who often have nowhere else to go. Their lives are decimated by the consequences of addiction. They get a warm bed, three meals a day, and a sober living environment with the support of brothers.

The Mission is so much more than just that. We provide a stable and loving recovery environment, the room to develop a healthy lifestyle and vocational skills to become independent.

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Eric Kuhrts

Eric shares his video testimony a couple of months in to the year-long program. Eric’s testimony is reminiscent of many others around the Chico Rescue Mission. The details change – the themes rarely do. Hear in his Eric’s own voice about his live changing experience!

Brian Shaw

My life was broken in pieces before I came to the Mission. I am so blessed to have found the Chico Rescue Mission. All of the leadership here has helped me in any way that they could, leaving the rest up to God. All glory to my God and Savior Jesus Christ for saving my

Brett Tutor

When I was young, drinking and some drugs were a part of my surroundings. I started smoking pot and drinking beer at a very young age. When I joined the Army I was told, “You are 18 and are old enough to vote, old enough to get shot and old enough to drink. I am

Hire CRM

Did you know that Chico Rescue Mission not only teaches vocational training, but the work is vital to funding the mission? You can participate in the mission by hiring CRM to work for you – everything from yard maintenance to Painting, and moving!

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Entering the Mission

If you have looked us over and think the Chico Rescue Mission’s residential recovery program is right for you, please contact us for an orientation! Not all programs are alike. Find out more about our process of joining us!

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