Donating Monthly

CRM’s current monthly total budget is around $30,000. For an average of 70 men on campus that covers food, shelter, training and discipleship for less than $500 a person! That also covers supervision and accountability, transportation to court and doctor’s visits, and everything else that comes up. This is the best buy in recovery ministry!

Your monthly support helps CRM stay focused on the ministry. It frees us up be creative in how we build a leading Christ-based recovery right here in Chico!

One Time Donation

We have many long term projects on campus. Some people call them “delayed maintenance”. We call it, “Stuff we can live without for now”! One time donations allow CRM to get to those projects as money becomes available, like fixing the central A/C or restoring the floor in the kitchen. These donations provide the opportunity to simply fix what’s broken or replace what is worn out and antiquated.