Hire CRM

20151103-IMG_6261You can support the Chico Rescue Mission by hiring one of the Vocational Training Programs. We have several programs that you can confidently support because they are led by competent graduates that take pride in their work! These include:

Auto Detailing and Sales
20150527-IMG_7146Chico Rescue Mission has an outstanding auto detailing shop that can bring restoration to your car’s interior.

Also, the Mission has many cars for sale that have been donated and refurbished for sale.

Call Tom at 530-343-9195 for more information.

Auto Donations
100_2084Chico Rescue Mission receives many cars as donations. We restore them mechanically and resell them as part of our vocations program.

If you have a car, boat or RV to donate, please call Myron at 530-513-0807 for more information.


Lawn Care
20151103-IMG_6261Whether you need a mow-and-blow crew on a weekly basis or have a yard clean up project you need help on – the Chico Rescue Mission is here to help! With any yard maintenance issue, call Chris for a quote at 530-513-7059.
Moving/Hauling Service
IMG_4452 (1)Do you have stuff that needs to be moved from here to there? Are you moving and simply don’t want to lift all your stuff? The Chico Rescue Mission is here to help! Contact Chris Young at 530-513-7059.
Whether it is a room or a large commercial building, the Chico Rescue Mission can help! We have a great deal of experience bringing beauty back to your project. Call Chris P. to get a bid – 530-513-7476.